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Corporate Profile

IOTECH is a young and dynamic software company that has adopted the principle of providing services
with unique products and projects. It entered the sector in 2016 to develop application software in the field of transportation.
With its developed systems and projects, Iotech provides customer focused solutions in various fields,
especially smart transportation systems.

Thanks to strategic investments to be made, IOTECH is aiming to bring its accumulated experience to foreign markets
and it is taking steps to become one of the leading actors in high growth potential markets.

Despite being a very new company, it has established a good place for a young company on the market
thanks to the business connections and partnerships it has organized in a short time.

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Our Policy

IOTECH focuses on achieving productivity growth with its products and services.
The key words here are measurement and reporting. It provides the necessary tools, equipment
and services to make the businesses it serves more productive and more profitable.

Customer Happiness
Unconditional happiness for customers is of paramount importance to IOTECH. For this reason,
it attaches importance to the superior quality of its products and services.
In determining the policies, it takes care to establish a close and warm relationship with the
customers by considering the preferences and standards of the market.

Researh & Development
IOTECH believes that effective R&D is the main constituent of competitiveness in today's fast-changing
environment. It devotes much of its resources to R&D in order to create new products, to make
existing products more capable or to adapt to changing technologies and platforms.

IOTECH recognizes that using its resources efficiently, being productive and profitable is an
inevitable responsibility for its employees, costumers and its collectives.

Social Responsibility
The technology IOTECH sees as a means of liberating man and allows us to have better lifes,
must be developed with respect to human beings and the environment. It acts with
consciousness of responsibility to the world and society in its activities.

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